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EOS Remote for Windows Phone 8


Are there any plans on releasing a version of the EOS Remote software for Windows Phone 8 in the near future?



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Why don't you guys get real? The Windows Phone's market penetration is down there with the Blackberry. If you were in charge of Canon's software development, would you squander any money on an app for it? I sure as hell wouldn't.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

You are commenting on some forum which you have no interest in.

As windows phône users we are interested in the app. You are neither moderator nor own Canon.

i think your comments are unwarrented here. 


Here is the link to the Photography related apps in windows store.  

Windows Phone should matter to Canon for primarily 2 reasons:


1. Windows Phone is on a growth trajectory (as opposed to Blackberry), and has market share in excess of 10% in many european countries (remember Canon is a global company, not just US); in fact, it outsells iPhone in 26+ markets. Over time, this will grow in the US too as the profile of a Windows Phone user is far more closer to that of an iPhone user than an Android user.


2. More importantly, and over and above the pure smartphone debate, Canon could make a unified app which covers both Windows Phone 8 *and* Windows 8 - this paints a completely different picture in terms of market penetration, where likely the vast majority of canon users are on or will migrate to Windows 8 (or its successors).


The debate is not about which OS is "bigger," but rather whether Canon is fully serving the needs of its customers across the spectrum of their use cases. It is not.


Finally, the investment for an app of this nature is miniscule - around Eur 30k - 50k - from personal experience having apps created for Windows Phone ecosystem. It is not even a blip in Canon's marketing budget. Frankly, Canon is probably hesitant to do this not becuase of the app but rather becuase of the logisical issues relating to updating all the manuals and CDs shipped with product to refer to a Windows app. They will need to do it in the end anyway, as Windows cannot be ignored.





PS. RobertTheFat, whilst I respect your views, I find them ironic on a message thread that has 11 pages constituting over 100 messages and 17500 views all requesting the same thing. In fact, this thread is one of the most active on the entire forum at the moment (topped sadly by "EOS Utility Error").


If I were Canon, I would be paying attention to this thread.


Just my 2c.



Developers might want to consider that Windows 9 is well under way that puts tablet, phone, laptop/PC all on the same operating system. Write once, play on anything Microsoft

I am aware that Windows Phone userbase does not have nearly as many users as iOS and Android.


But if you add up Windows Phone, Windows 8/RT/9/etc tablets and computers, and heck even XBOX One you have a userbase that surpasses that of iOS and Android.  As someone mentioned earlier, Microsoft's most recent dev tools make it very easy to port code between all of the platforms mentioned above.


But I also agree that the iOS and Android ports need more attention.  I think this is an area Canon desperately needs to spend money in, as other companies like Sony are starting to surpass Canon in consumer device integration - and the more difficult and clunky Canon makes sharing to your phone, the more people will simply use their phone as a camera and put down the DSLR.


Phones will not replace DSLRs, but Canon would likely retain more marketshare if their cameras "played nice" with all of the phone/tablet ecosystems out there and made the possibility of instant sharing a reality for everyone.  While pros would likely not use social network sharing as they would want to post process first, they would use WiFi tethering for instant client preview during a portrait session for instance.

So if Canon can't, why not delegating the development to the community. For example; I have an open source license to write Windows phone 8 apps; I want desperatly some remote control on my phone, and I have time and knowledge to make one. 

So, would Canon release the API so we can move on ?




I currently do not own a license, but I could help with the development. It is just so annoying that there is an app for other platforms, but not for WP...

I'm working myself into the sdk. My first goal would be connecting to the canon and make a bulk shot

Is there a Canon SDK? Or are you talking about the WP8.1 sdk?

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