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Canon camera connect laggy on Canon R6



Every time I shoot with my camera canon R6 (firmware ver. 1.7) connected to my phone(iPhone 12 pro) through the Canon Camera Connect app the live view on my phone lags every 3 seconds. The live view on the camera seems to be working fine; the lag is there only on the live view on my phone. 

I want to mention this issue happened also with canon firmware version 1.5 and also with the old app version.

Could you please help me to solve this issue because I need to have remote live reliable?

Thank you.



Do you mean that the phone view is 3 seconds behind what is shown on the camera? You didn't mention what sort of connection they have - bluetooth or LAN? If LAN, are the camera and the phone on the same local network or is it some distance away and going through the web? There are several YouTube tutorials that come up with this search "canon r6 remote control app." Good luck, hope this is helpful.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings Laurentiu,

If there is a lag every three seconds, like a pause, but then resumes afterwards then let's check to see if there may be any other app running on the phone that may be using system resources. This may affect the performance of the Canon Camera Connect app when using the remote shooting mode.

In some cases, the wireless connection may be a factor. For example, if you've connected the camera to a local wireless router which the phone is connected to then let's try using the camera's access point instead which allows for the phone to connect directly to the camera wirelessly. This will help eliminate any bandwidth issues that may occur from a local wireless router that other devices may be connected to.

You may also test a different mobile device to see if the performance improves, like testing the remote shooting with a different phone or tablet.

One thing to note is that the live image presented on the Canon Camera Connect app may lag behind what is actually seen through the camera due to the overall bandwidth limitations of a wireless connection. For more responsive performance for remote shooting, we recommend on using the EOS Utility software with the camera connected to a computer through a USB cable.