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Live Streaming Content with R5 and 5.2mm L Dual fisheye Lens



I'm wondering if there are any solutions to live stream content with R5 and 5.2mm L Dual fisheye Lens.  If so, what does that workflow look like?  I understand using the canon software to create VR content, but I'm specifically looking to stream a live event in real time using an R5 or R5c using the 5.2mm L Dual fisheye Lens.  Thanks for the help!



You can use the Canon Mobile App or EOS Utility for Live View.  Streaming might be a different story.  I'm no sure, but I don't think what you capture will like right until you put it through the VR utility in post.

Here's more from Canon about the lens:

Shoot VR with Canon’s New RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens - YouTube


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That's my understanding too.  I never thought that a lens with such exotic optics would be used for live streaming - the downloading and processing of what is essentially two lenses at once is asking a lot from any camera.

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Most VR Video creators actually prefer to post process the raw footage/stream from the camera anyway.  So the main question is what are the viable ways to get an 8K live feed from the r5 r5c?  I'd use the 8K HDMI output, but there aren't any 8K HDMI capture cards yet.  I believe the cameras support some kind of feature to be recognized as an 8K webcam, but I doubt that works with 8K.  So many camera manufacturers support RTMP, but RTMP always introduces unacceptable latency for me.  NDI or SRT would be great, but at the moment I'll take what I can get.


I have to ask why you need 8K for a webcam?

As for capturing 8K RAW output, Canon mentions that (as of Jan 2022), only the Atomos Ninja V+ is capable of that.


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It's not about needing "8K for a webcam", not that the why should really matter, it's about not having a single way to capture/stream 8K video in Realtime.  With the dual stereo fisheye lens 8K is really a requirement.  It's great that the camera can output 8K HDMI, but as I mentioned, there isn't an 8K HDMI capture card in existence yet and even the Atomos V+ Ninja with AtomX Cast only streams and outputs in 1080P.  It's amazing that the R5 can output at 8K over HDMI, but since nothing really exists to take advantage of that it's mostly useless until we have an 8K HDMI 2.1 capable capture card.  If there was some way to access a live 8K feed, like through USB (which wouldn't be an engineering marvel), I'd buy this in a heartbeat.


You have a few hurdles to jump. First, you need an app that unwarps your image. It laos means that you couldn't shoot RAW because RAW needs to be adjusted first. Second, and this is the BIG one, YouTube has put major restrictions on who can live stream VR180. Your account has to be whitelisted in order to do it. And lastly, the issue of who can watch it and the constant bitrate of 60 Mbps to 1Gbps speeds to stream! What device can watch it? Right now livestreaming is not a viable option.

Early adopters like myself aren't worried about all that.  The only thing we are missing is a way to capture that 8K stream in real-time, but unfortunately there isn't an 8K HDMI 2.1 capture card in existence yet.  That's the only barrier at the moment for me anyway.


Well you have several obstacles. First of all where are you live streaming too? You have to be whitelisted and approved to be able to stream vr180 on YouTube. Second you need some kind of processing to take the two fisheye images and unwarp them. Unfortunately that software does not yet exist.

Since you don't know what my intent is, you don't know what my hurdles are.  The assumed hurdles you mention are irrelevant for for me.  And for me there is only one sigular hurdle and that is getting the live unprocessed output of the camera in real time in 8K.  I have everything else already figured out.  Thanks!

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