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Canon Eos R not appearing as drive in Windows 11 via USB


I'm trying to establish a connection to my recently updated to Windows 11 PC, using a usb C to usb A connector from my Canon Eos R. It is failing to get a connection. I've used two separate usb leads with the same result. The camera has no problem appearing as a drive on a Windows 10 computer with the same leads, and its firmware version is up to date.  This is really annoying, as it also makes it impossible to use the Canon utility software.  Does anyone know a ready made solution, or whether there ever will be one?

I also have a Canon XF 300, which I haven't tested yet. It will be a real nightmare if that connection also doesn't work anymore. Well done, Microsoft.. not really.



Also, I can connect and download images from my 7D and my EOS M200 on the same computer!!!!! 

You should start your own thread for your issue.  It’s good etiquette. 

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Waddizzle: its the same issue.  Basically, if you can't see the camera via USB, you most certainly can't download the images using the EOS Utility.  Is that not clear to you?  It is to me!  🙂 

My point is: all of the newer Canon EOS cameras have a Windows 11 compatible firmware update!  EOS R3, R5, R6, R7, and R10.  However, not the R.  Why is that?  Tres pathetique!  


Thanks to both Gavin and Tronhard. The devil is always in the detail when solving computer related issues. And you've both increased my knowledge base. What annoys me about the undisputed fact that Canon needs to get its act together with driver updates, is that with the launch of most new computer tech., we are all forced to waste so much time chasing solutions to problems created by developers who send their stuff out without either complete info. for their customers.. or in some cases actual misinformation.  And when I've used their support service, it's too often been a case of the head not knowing what the arms are doing. I haven't bothered trying to count how much time I've been forced to quality control the situation I'm left in. But it's a lot. And it seems to be a regular feature nowadays..

Hi Droo, I've complained to Canon New Zealand on Facebook.  Let's see what becomes of that.  They have replied, so I know someone has seen my message.  One thing that tends to get action is bad publicity. I posted my comment on their page first, and then messaged them.  


Any update on this for anybody?
I could connect my EOS R via cable on my Sony Vaio VGP-WKB16 on Win11 developer edition (insider preview 22H2  build number: 23403.1001) and listing under portable devices as 'Canon EOS R' in device manager, but I can't connect on my main desktop pc with win11 pro full version (Windows 11 Pro, 22H2, build number: 22623.1037) only via wifi. I want to use my camer with Helicon Focus, but it does not support wifi connection with the camera. So getting out the memory card amd using a quick card reader (DriverGenius U3 Ultra SD 4.0) is not the solution for my case. EOS Utility was working with my previous camera 77D with all the usb ports I have, but not with EOS R.

See below images:
2023-03-20 08_38_26-Fotó - Google Fotók.jpg2023-03-20 08_37_57-Fotó - Google Fotók.jpg

Hello esox_hu,

When using a USB connection to your computer, you need to make sure that the WIFI on the camera has been disabled. That will keep it from connecting via USB to your computer.

Hi John_Q,

Yeah wifi was disabled. What I wanted to show that one of my win11 pc can connect to EOS R via MTP driver with cable but my other pc can not with the same OS on and same MTP drivers on.


I have the exact same thing TODAY even.. weird.. LOL  I can not use tether either for lightroom with the R. Im so very disappointed and searched and searched for work arounds or answers.. all I can gather is.. its not compatible with windows 11 somehow and the canon utlity either.. so lightroom doesnt recognize it either. So i have a camera now that.s to late to return and I cant tether when working with clients.. ughhhhh.  My DSLR 6d mii works just fine but i really wanted to work with this camera.  😞