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Canon Eos R not appearing as drive in Windows 11 via USB


I'm trying to establish a connection to my recently updated to Windows 11 PC, using a usb C to usb A connector from my Canon Eos R. It is failing to get a connection. I've used two separate usb leads with the same result. The camera has no problem appearing as a drive on a Windows 10 computer with the same leads, and its firmware version is up to date.  This is really annoying, as it also makes it impossible to use the Canon utility software.  Does anyone know a ready made solution, or whether there ever will be one?

I also have a Canon XF 300, which I haven't tested yet. It will be a real nightmare if that connection also doesn't work anymore. Well done, Microsoft.. not really.




Hi Droo, I found that it was essentially a hardware issue with the motherboard connections.  We ascertained this by installing different OSs.  So now I have to use a laptop, which, interestingly, has Windows 11 installed, and there is no issue.  So when funds permit I will be purchasing another motherboard of a different brand.  🙂



I had the same issue. It is fine on an old Vaio tablet which has w11 on it but is fails to connect on my desktop with asus tuf370 pro wifi motherboard (win11.also). See my earlier comment.





I had this same issue with my EOS R and Windows 11.  I am working with a new install of Windows 11.  

I worked through the suggestions in this thread.  I found out that using the usb-c cable that came with my EOS R worked.  

the camera now shows up as a drive in My PC.

The Canon cables usually have baluns built into them.  Most “off the shelf” USB cables do not include baluns.

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I agree. It's always safe to use the cable(s) offered with your camera. I've connected a variety of cameras old and new to multiple window 11 computers, without issues.  

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