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Canon 7D Mark II and Web cam Utility Mac

New Contributor



just downloaded the webcam app crom Canon site.

tried everything to make it work:no success.

Email Canon support transfer me to a phone number in the US,I am in Canada.

Got the line for Canada,the support person was very patient finally acknowledged it could be the cable that is faulty:did anyone had that problem....

Nothing works on Facetime,Zoom,Skype..


I have an iMac 2009,every USB ports works well.

My firmware on my 7D is ok...

Many thanks,

Jean-Francois Laferte




Product Expert
Product Expert



First to check that the USB is functioning properly, when the camera is plugged into your iMac you should be able to access the camera's memory card through Image Capture, a program built into your operating system. If you cannot see the memory card in Image Capture then there is still a USB connection issue.


Next, you want to make sure you are using Mac OS XHigh Sierra, Mojave or Catalina. All other versions of Mac OS including the latest Big Sur are not yet supported.


If you've installed the utility and the USB connection is fine and you are using one of the compatible OS versions The next thing I would check is that the camera is set to the movie mode before you connect the USB cable and that EOS Utility 3 is not running.