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EOS Utility 3 on Mac, Canon 5DIV — camera connected via Wi-Fi but all options greyed out



I am trying to connect my Canon 5DIV to my 2019 Macbook Pro (OS Big Sur 11.6) and I have downloaded and installed the EOS Utility 3.13.20 for macOS.

I've gone through the steps on my camera for Communication Settings > Built-in wireless settings > Wi-Fi/NFC Enable > Wi-Fi function > Remote control (EOS Utility) > Easy Connection. I'm able to join and connect to my computer using the network settings and encryption key/password. Once connected, my Camera screen changes to "Start Pairing devices," I click "OK," and then my camera screen reads "EOS-XXXXXX pairing (connection) with the computer in progress. Start EOS Utility on the computer." When I open EOS Utility 3, all of the options are greyed out (Download images to computer, Remote Shooting, and Camera Settings). I've tried waiting several minutes to see if EOS Utility eventually recognizes that my camera is connected via Wi-Fi, but it still doesn't work and all of the menu options remain greyed out and un-clickable.

I've had a Canon 5DIV for several years and this has been a consistent issue, but typically EOS Utility 3 is able to eventually recognize my camera after several attempts and I'm able to download photos via the connection. But this time, I just can't figure out what's wrong.

I've made sure that no other programs are running, I've uninstalled and re-installed EOS Utility 3, I've tried using EOS Utility 2, I have restarted my computer, I have turned Wi-Fi off and on, I have cleared communication settings from my camera, I've restarted my camera. What am I missing?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,

based on what you describe, and especially since you have run into this issue before and have experienced the WiFi connection while it functions, it sounds like the issue may be network related. If you have administrator access to your WiFi network you may be able to look at the device connections when the camera is connected to your network and check to see if any security settings, firewalls or other restrictions are being placed on the camera connection. You might be able to set a static IP for the device for increased stability, but this is something that goes beyond my technical experience so I would recommend seeking assistance from your internet service provider or router manufacturer to do so.



Wi-Fi is not the preferred method for transferring photos to your computer.  If you want to transfer some images to your phone..  sure, that works great in a pinch.

Transferring photos over wireless is extremely time consuming.  If you review the manual for the 5D4 page 596, it shows the recommended options for photo transfer to a computer.

Cable or Card Reader.  You don't need the EOS Utility for either of these.  This cable will set you back $9 and will connect the camera to the USB-C port on your MacBook without an adapter.




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