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T7 remote trigger issue


I have you tubed for hours 

I’m at a loss. I have T7 

andolean remote wireless trigger 

I can not get it to work ! It is connected and lights are on and blinking but it won’t focus or take a picture.. what should I do ? Small detail I’m missing? It is put under continuous shooting 10 sec timer . 



Hi, I have the Aodelan BR-E1A that I use on my EOS Rebel SL2. It was a bit tricky to read their manual and get it working, but it does work on my SL2. But, I've NEVER tried continuous shooting 10-sec timer. Does it work in single-shot modes?

in Davie, FL


The T7 is a stripped down economy camera without infrared or Bluetooth wireless capability. Which Aodelan remote do you have? It may not be compatible.


Since your camera has no Infrared capability, there is no need to use the 10 sec mode. That 10 sec mode is only required when using infrared wireless remotes like the RC-6, RC-1, and RC-5 with cameras like the T6i, T7i, etc.

Plug your wireless remote receiver into the remote control terminal just as if you are using a wired remote. If that is not possible, you will need to buy a different remote. 


Mike Sowsun


I have the Aodelan WTR-2. It works wireless as a remote shutter release including 2 and 10 second delay using the large pushbutton with my 1D X Mark III.

I also tried on a T6s using 10 second-continuous. Works fine; note that the 10 second delay only applies to the first shot.

Since your camera has a remote switch terminal it should work the same.

Will the camera focus on your same subject if you use the shutter button? Camera will not fire if focus cannot be achieved.


John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic


My T8i manual says that continuous shooting with a 10 sec or 2 sec time delay is not possible with remote shooting.

I plugged in a tablet with a USB cable, and it took two quick shots after a 10 sec delay. There was no option to increase the number of continuous shots with the app I was using.

See what your manual says about remote control shooting.

Steve Thomas


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