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Canon VIXIA HF R400 Clicking Noise on Playback

I emailed support yesterday and got no answer. It's past 8-12hrs the automated system says support will respond within. My cam has been exhibiting a clicking noise upon playback. I can illustrate it in two different videos I've uploaded to YouTube. I...

Vixia HF20 Blurry/Pixelation in Video

I recently purchased a Vixia HF20 on eBay used, but in really good condition with all original packaging and contents (the guy said he used it a couple times and then it sat unused), and after using it a couple times I found that in the videos I reco...

Vixia HFS200 Splitting Clips at 11:33

I've got a Vixia HF S200. Ordinarily, I record via HDMI out into a NewTek Tricaster. Yesteday was my first time to record on an SD card, actually a Sandisk ultra plus 64gb micro SD with an adapter. I recorded an interview with a client where we did t...

gigtime by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

vixia hd30 tape unit does not open

Dear Community Members: i own. Vixia HD30.  Unfortunately, the tape unit inside the camera does not unfold and open when I open the camera body housing. Has anyone encountered this problem and are there any self help solutions to the problem. The cam...

Vixia HF R72 Instruction Manual

I just purchased the R72 and other than basic set up there are no instructions included with it. Is there a link to where I can go to down load the manual? I am trying to move video files off the camera on to my desktop and after hooking it up, usb c...

SallyW by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

how to format vixia hfr500

I am having troubles with memory cards in the camcorder.  I put a card in and its says check memory card.  i bought a new one put it in and same thing.  where can i format that card. i think that is all it needs but i cant find format,  thanks kevin

Canon HF G30 camcorder - OLED is not working - gone black.

I have a Canon HF G30 camcorder. The OLED is not working. It's gone black. Is there a button or setting I need to change, or is the screen broken? I have tried shutting it on and off and resetting to factory settings. Any other ideas?  If it's broken...

jlehr by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon Vixia HF G20 Low light

What are my best settings on the HF G20 for filming in a small theatre with black walls and ceiling without getting a lot of pixelation/noise in the dark areas?

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