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Canon EC15 - What are best settings?




We have purchased XC15 canon camera and are trying to find "best" settings.

Basically it will be used to film people fishing ( max distance of 15 meters ).


Now from auto settings we get great performance ( Gotta buy gimbal ) but somehow we are not satisfied with colors.

They seem "weak". 


From 1-3 meters ( Interviewing people ) - it performs perfectly

Slow motion ( Wide range and close up ) - it performs perfectly

10-15 meters when recording nature or tracking a pole float in water colors seems uhm bleak?


Just looking for somebody who has this camera and can share their experience.







I've never had a chance to use a video cam this sophisticated, but I suspect that maybe it's time to switch out of Auto mode and spend some quality time with the operators manual. Switching to Program mode will still give you auto focus and auto exposure but allows for a lot more adjustability of other settings.

Somewhere in the menus you can probably find a "vivid" setting you can try or maybe even increase individual color saturtation levels. If, as I suspect, this camera has some of the same settings as Canon's consumer level camcorders you may find a "Film" or "Cinema" setting. This provides a more film-like look to your videos and may allow you to also choose a more "Vivid" look, as well as choices for B&W or sepia toning.