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This is NOT a computer issue.


The device will not read its internal memory, or allow access to any previously recorded files - .mp4 or AVCHD.


The internal memory reports approx. 31.5gb of 32gb used, and approx. 500mb available - yet it will not allow further recording.


Mac laptops & desktops will briefly recognize the device in camera mode only through FCPX import, but it disappears from the import menu quickly.  FCPX will NOT recognixe the device in file transfer mode.


The device does NOT appear as a disk icon when connected to ANY Mac or PC, but most of the older Vixias normally don't appear as icons anyway.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Shotsave,


Thanks for posting.


Have you attempted to transfer movies from the internal memory to a memory card? If not, for step-by-step instructions for this process, please click here.

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As I said in the header and the first line:  The camera WILL NOT READ THE INTERNAL MEMORY.

Nothing can be done when the camera is unable to read the memory.  You can't delete.  You can't transfer.  You can't do anything to the files.  The memory must first be read.  The message, "Reading memory," was displayed for TWO HOURS without interruption.  I got tired of reading the message.

Hi Shotsave,


Thank you for your reply.


From your description, your camcorder will require repair to resolve this issue.


You may setup the repair of your camcorder at this site: Once on our site, click on "Request Product Repair". On the next page, you may create an account or log into your existing account. These options make it easier to request the repair of more than one product. You may also choose the "Continue" button to "Continue without an Account".

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Same issue with HF R80. Was recording to internal memory which filled up.

Switched to external SD and was recording fine.

Got home and tranferred everything off the SD, then tried to switch back to internal memory to download from it but shows no images/movies. If I look at space it shows just about fully used.

The internal mem was fine and was obviously being used for recording, soI doubt is is damaged.

Sometimes will show "Reading built-in Memory" but will just stay like that for hours.

I am suspecting a bug when the internal memory gets full it isn't handled properly.

Anyone else encounter this ?


Is there a way to access th einternal memory directly ?


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