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XF200 File Transfer.


Good morning folks, I am after a bit of simple help.

I am not a videographer, I make Instructional Videos for leatherwork so treat me like a video idiot.

I have just bought myself a Canon XF200 which seems to do what I want it to.

The issue I am having is with the connectivity… because the manual is so simple to follow.

At all the tricky bits, it just says, speak with your network administrator.
Not helpful when it’s me.

I am not looking for remote access via the browser or app, I just want it connected to the network to be able shoot the footage and drop the files onto my computer to edit.
I know I can do this with USB and have been doing.
I have had a play with Wifi, it connects but will not find a folder into which to transfer.

I have connected it via LAN, same issue.


I have become used to connecting devices to a network, finding it, mapping if needed and dragging off the files.

I appreciate I can do this via USB simply enough but why is it so difficult to point this camera at a folder and just dump the files?

I am probably missing something so a bit of gentle direction would be appreciated.
I am running a mac.


Any guidance, advice or direction would be gratefully received.





Hello DangerousBeans, 

Canon does have a tutorial for setting up the XF200 to transfer video via an access point.  It is too long for us to copy and paste into this subject box, but I believe that you will find it immensely helpful in resolving this issue.  

Please Click Here for the Canon Knowledge Base

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