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VIXIA HF R800, external mic not working


Hi everyone

I have a HF R800 mainly to record lectures, I also have a regular external mic,

when i plug in the mic, it stops to record audio, if I unplug the mic then the machine does record audio

also the mic works on other machines

please advise


Thank you


I too am having issues with the microphon port. The entire reason I purchesed the Canon Vixia R800 camcorder was to film at different locations using a handheld microphone. There are not any brands you can recomend that are compatable? It seems this was a disapointing purchase if there is no guidance on how to make this prodcut actually useable. I would really appreciate any help with this.

I see the mic jacks.


Is the small one for power from the camcorder or for power to the camcorder to power the mic?


Hoping to use an external Stereo mic on my Canon XL2.



Bob AZ


This camera needs a self powering (condenser) microphone. You can also go to the link below and obtain a much better "User's Guide" than the one that comes with the camera. 


User Guide Link

Generally, no, unless it is a battery powered lavalier or a wireless lavalier mic where the powered receiver plugs into the camera.

Hmmm, must have fixed it.


As others have pointed out, the lavalier microphone needs to be powered. The camcorder isn't capable of providing phantom power.

I found that if I go into the "Home" menu of the Canon Vixia hf 4800, and then go to "Other Settings" and then go to the menu under the wrench icon, and then go to "AV/Headphones" and choose "Headphones", this took the static problem away and I was able to connect my Zoom H4N sound recorder to my Vixia and record without static. However, the sound technology within the Vixia is not as sophisticated as the Zoom, so there is still a quiet hiss and the Canon can't take very loud sounds or else it peaks. I'll have to record audio seperately and put the audio and video together in post.