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Frame Rate issue of MTS file


I have a Canon Vixia HF M500.  I have always used the AVCHD setting while recording so that I can create high quality DVDs as well as compress in post production to upload to the internet.  I have taken a two year break from video production, but now am working on it again.  I prefer to record in 24p because of the film look, and have always done this and had no issues.  I remember clearly seeing the different numbers of 30p and 24p in the properties window of the video files I had recorded two years back while I was learning about frame rate.  The project that I am working on I have also recorded in 24p and AVCHD.  The camera display is clearly showing 24p.  But when I upload the .mts files my computer says it is 29.97fps and I am experiencing a dropframe as I export from a 24p timeline.  I have tested it on the computer I used to use for video editing and it also tells me 29.97fps.  So I pulled out my old hard drive and looked at the files I had no trouble with 2 years ago, and again it says 29.97fps.  I am now quite frustrated and confused.  Is there an issue with recording AVCHD in 24p that I am unaware of and may have not experienced in the past due to less proficient software?  I would really like this video to be 24p, but if it is not possible, I will just record in .mp4 from now on as my videos are intended for YouTube.