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Elura 60 xfer of images to computer.


I am seeking info on transferring captured video from Canon Elura 60 to computer.

I have a cord with 3 RCA connectors and an A/V on the other end.  When I hook it up according to the user manual directions, I do not get a signal from the Camcorder to the computer ((or TV when hooked up that .).

Yet, I can view it on the camcorder screen 

What is preventing the transfer of video images?



You need a video capture card. I am surprised you found 3 RCA connections on the computer! The video should play on a TV, however. Are you sure you did not hook into the video *input*

Usually, you transfer video from a camcorder with a Firewire connection.

Thanks for your reply. I am trying to get the A/V signal from the camcorder into my computer via Roxio which explains the three RCA plugs which fit into the Roxio adapter and then a USB connection into the computer. I also tried your suggestion below about adjusting the Camcorder settings, but was not successful.

For some reason, the A/V signal is not being transmitted from the camcorder to the computer. Nor will it play thru a TV when I plug in the three RCA plugs to the TV.

Somehow, I don’t think the signal is being transmitted from the camcorder.

Any more ideas are welcomed.  Thanks for your input.  


Did you read my other post? you have to turn off headphones.

Yes, I did read everything you included. I believe that I turned off 

headphones. When I hook everything up and play the tape in anticipation of recording, it plays on the Camcorder, but not on the TV or computer. Somewhere, I think there is a small adjustment that I am not making which will 

route the video to the TV/computer. I will have to continue to experiment and adjust. Thanks again for your interest and recommendations.

Thanks again for your response.  I am attaching two images

which may explain the problem. The first is a portion of one you sent to 

me. The second is a photo of my Canon Elura 60 depicting the same area.

It seems that my camera doesn’t have one of the outlets shown in the drawing

from the manual. At this point, I am looking to use the S-video connection which my camera does have to see if Incan extract sound and video. Thanks again.  Ken


Well, AV is the one you need, anyway.

The problem is that despite making all the recommended connections, the camera is not transmitting through that port. I made the adjustments you suggested related to switching from headphones, but without any success. Today I will try connections through the S-video port and let you know. Thanks again.


To get it to play on a TV you may need to switch from "Headphone" to "A/V" Note the top several lines.



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