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Canon HF G50 Start up noised


Had this from new for almost 9 months, used regularly. Occasionally on start up iris opening motor jeeps running for several seconds. Never did that before. Sounds like a drive mechanism slipping.

Should I bring it in for warranty work?


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What you describe sounds similar to an issue I had with an HF-G30 a couple of years back. I made a video demonstrating the problem and emailed it to Canon Service (Canada) to see if they could give a tentative diagnosis. But they advised that I would need to send the camcorder in for full assessment. I decided it was not worth it - the camcorder was long out of warranty. I considered opening it up myself to see if I could pinpoint the source but thought better of it. Sold it as 'For Parts/Not Working' and put the proceeds towards purchase of an HF-G40.

Never found out the cause. Only thing I can recall is that the last time I used it before the issue started was at a sporting event where I had it mounted on a heavy duty Hague C-Bracket with a Manfrotto 323 RC2 quick release adapter and 200PL-14 plate. Being right handed, I would on occasion hold the camcorder by the hand strap whilst adjusting the on-screen settings with my left. I wonder if the added weight of the L-bracket (plus LED panel) leveraged stress on the camcorder tripod mount and chassis. That's the only thing I can think of.

This is the original video I sent to Canon Service demonstrating the problem:

HF-G30 Screeching Noise 

(@Moderator - please don't delete the video. It's important to this discussion. Thanks)

I would suggest sending your HF-G50 in for service while it's still under warranty. If it's the same as the problem I had with the HF-G30 it's not normal and will likely persist.

Thank you. That is it exactly just not quite as severe. I will contact Canon.

With my HF-G30, it started intermittently, lasting just of couple of seconds, but then got progressively worse. Initially I found I could stop the 'screeching' by activating the zoom rocker or turning the zoom/iris ring, but after a while even that didn't work and the only way to stop it was by powering off and on again.

Please let us know what Canon say the problem is when you send it in.

Canon has it now managed to capture 35 seconds of the noise. This should not happen as the unit has always been within operating temperature and humidity boundaries. Either poor design or quality control issue. No machine should make noises like this for this long!

Recently returned from warranty repair. Entire lens assembly replaced and looks like the chintzy on/off switch as well. Working fine now, totally different sound on startup. Thank you for the encouragement.