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Old Elura 100 camcorder advice


We bought this camera new nearly 20 years ago and did very little with it,, but were quite satisified with it's performance at the time.


Now, we have plans for marketing videos of certain machine shop practices, and are gathering the required parts to make some sample videos, and seem to have everything except the firewire cable and the port for it on the computer, but it seems that now there is more than one firewire cable and port to contend with, so my first request is the precise part number or designation of both the cable and the port that I will have to install on my computer..


My second request is for someone to advise me if I am letting myself in for a bunch of trouble and disapointment in trying to bring this old camera back on line. Before starting with this, I bought a new cheapie on line and could not even make it work so I returned it, and my recollection of the Elura was that it was pretty simple and reliable, but IF it is perhaps not compatable with  Windows 10 or if there is some other reason I should not bother, it would be nice to know it before I start modifying my computer and going into more troubles.


Thank you for any advice......Joe


Well, I guess this has been pretty revealing about the advisability of spending the extra money to get a brand name for the long haul....
In the long haul, the expensive one you laid out big cash for will be as useless as grandpa's brownie camera, because support will have evaporated over time. Might as well buy the cheap junk and discard when it fails you.....thanks for the education....Joe