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transfer video from mini tape on Canon ZR 200 to my Dell XPS 13 laptop


I just found my old ZR200 with a tape of my now deceased mom. I would like to transfer the video to my laptop. I am not sure what cables I need. I have the av cables that came with the camcorder. I also have a 6 Pin to 4 Pin fireware from Dynex that I have never taken out of the package. And I have a USB C to USB A connector for my laptop.  However, I think I need some how to connect the av cables to something that then can connect to the USB C to A connector. I have been all over the internet but have only found old 8 and 10yr old YouTube videos. Am looking for something current that can help me. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.



I think it will be hard to get a Firewire adapter for a modern laptop. I think the Firewire to USB A adapters are all snake oil. It might be easier to use a transfer service like legacybox.

thanks. another question: if I am able to locate the missing ZR 200 USB cable that originally came with my camera and connect it via the USB C connector on my XPS 13 laptop - would that work? Am unconcerned about how long the transfer would take, assuming I can make the the transfer happen.



You can't transfer videos via USB with your camera.. Firewire only.  USB is for transferring still photos.

Finding hardware and software to do a transfer to your laptop is not worth it, especially for just one tape.  Send it to a transfer service who will convert to a movie file and be done with it.

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