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Canon HF G30, G50 and G60 Mic/Line Level Input


The HF G30 has a function to toggle the audio input from mic to line level. Is the 20 dB Mic Attenuator function in the G50 and G60 the same or similar enough to use the mic input with 20 dB attenuation on the G50 and G60 with a line-level signal?


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Product Expert

Hi john83318,

Thanks for checking in with us.

The line that you're referencing on the HF G30 is a line-out option. It is not a line-in input option.  That camera does have an attenuator option that can reduce volume by 12 dB. You can do your tests to see if you can get results you like, but that mic input is not ideal for accepting sound from a sound board that would normally use line in. The same is true for the G50 and G60.


Thanks for the reply, Nick2020! I guess I should have referenced the page for the G30. On Page 84, it explains that you can toggle the "Mic Terminal Input" from "LINE External Audio" and "MIC Microphone". I have used the G30 frequently with line-level audio and as long as I select "LINE External Audio" it works beautifully. Clean sound, good level, no distortion.

I may have to run some tests on the G50 and G60, but I hate exposing them to line-level audio, if they aren't designed to use it. Currently, I have been using an attenuator cable to reduce the level properly. Just wondering if I can stop using that cable if I turn on the 20 dB attenuator on the G50 and G60.

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In the case of my HF G40, it will automatically switch to line level just by plugging in a line source such as the line out of my Zoom H2n. 


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