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VIXIA HF G70 Inaccessible product support.


I have a new VIXIA HF G70, registered to my account. I have not been about to contact Product Support, by any means, for the past hour and a half, give or take. The web site Product Support links take my in a circle. There is not option to chat with Product Service, or email them, or Canon for that matter. The phone does not recognize the model number of my camcorder, It thinks I'm asking about a printer. Since the G70 is a mewer model I tried telling the phone AI the I needed help with a VIXIA HF G50. It recognized the model number but, told me that I don't have a HF G50 registered to my account. 

I was a registered rep at a brokerage firm, and I've worked tech support at a couple of companies. Non of those companies ever put up such an impenetrable wall, there was always some way of reaching someone with in the company for some form of assistance, even a transfer to the correct department. I don't have a Karen mode so, I won't ask to speak to the manager.  I'f I cannot resolve this matter I will return the camcorder and never purchase another product, of any kind from Cannon.



Hi, xmedic9!  If you haven't already done so, we recommend registering your VIXIA HF G70 before calling.  It takes just a few moments to do and it lets you access all of your available support options.  Click HERE to get started!