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R5 C - Firmware Summer 2023


This is all the Information I have compiled for the firmware which is anticipated for release in June / July 2023 time frame.  It might be called v1.0.4.1

This is on the R5 C's product page now:

The FW is not released yet.

  • Firmware Adds New Features:
  • Adds Canon 709 / BT.709 Custom Picture Profile and Canon CMT 709 View Assist
  • Improvement to ClearScan shutter mode
  • Improved Face Detection AF
  • Waveform Monitor/Vector Scope magnification
  • Adds Support for Cinema EOS, CINE-SERVO, & RF-S Lenses
  • Enables 2X magnification when shooting in 8K MP4
  • Power Save Mode during 4K shooting

It does look like it will be called There is still so much missing though. Support for EL-5 and ST-E10. Ability to use native wi-fi in Cinema OS, Ability to use the rear dial in Cinema OS. No mention in the list of faster switching between photo and video OS, yet we know this will be included too. Its in the press release. I think the 2x mag only applies to the dual fisheye lens (which I don't plan to use currently).  Lens Breathing Correction in Cinema OS is also a possibility.

Press release:
For the hybrid video and still photography content creator, the EOS R5 C firmware updates include:

  • Improved AF performance when Face Detection AF is enabled, adding the ability to select a face with an RF Lens’ Control Ring or the camera’s Control Dial. Improved Head Detection allows the EOS R5 C to detect a subject’s head, even when the subject is looking backwards. The AF frame also changes size based on the subject detected during tracking. This update is also available for the EOS C70 camera.
  • Power Save Mode improvements extend recording time by approximately 30% in 4K/60p1.
  • Enhanced Clear Scan in Shutter Mode menu reduces potential flicker during LED wall usage.
  • For usage with Canon’s Dual Fisheye Lens, the ability to switch from left to right lens during VR recording when using Magnify and enabled 2x magnification when recording in 8K.
  • Reduced switching time between photo and video mode – approximately 40% faster from Photo to Video and 70% faster from Video to Photo.

All information was compiled from the Canon Europe, Japan and US sites.

Last is a video from Canon's Ryan Snyder.

Bay Area - CA

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Really hoping for improvements in SF Mode for autofocus, and focus support eg supported CPs and magnification.  It doesn’t make sense to add 2x magnify to 8k60 and they don’t in 4k120 where it’s a devil to try to focus.