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UDP Streaming using XF705


The group I work with is using a Canon XF705 camera to produce a UDP stream at 16Mbps/3840x2160 59.94P in one location and capture it in another. I'm curious if anyone has documentation regarding the expected network packet structure when streaming in this configuration. Specifically, should I expect to see the requisite seven 188 byte transport stream packets within each network packet? On reviewing the data coming out of the camera using wireshark, I can see seven 188 byte transport stream packets in each network packet. But every 71st packet has just two 188 byte transport stream packets in it. Is this the expected behavior of the camera?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jmsimon1,

Through Canon support we do not have information on what is included in each packet. The manual does have a footnote that reads, "Depending on the network used and the connection conditions, you may experience lost or delayed IP packets." If you would like to view the IP streaming documentation that is on pages 175-177 of the manual. The footnote I listed is at the bottom of page 176.

If you need a copy of the manual it is available HERE. Once you are on the web page click on the Manuals button and the one to reference is named XF705 Instruction Manual. 

Greetings Hazel. Thank you much for your reply! I wouldn't assume that the symptom I am seeing is a result of lost IP packets. I seem to be receiving intact IP packets, but at very regular intervals (specifically every 71 IP packets) I get an IP packet with just two transport stream packets in the payload (instead of the typical seven transport stream packets). Would you happen to know where the software used on the camera to produce the stream was sourced?