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Can the R6 Mark II control the EL-5 Speedlite, Off Camera, Without the ST-e10 Transmitter?If so, How?
Speedlite EL-5, Marketing started NOVEMBER 2022 ...It's, Now, almost APRIL 2023 ...Is anyone else disappointed that the EL-5 isn't available, as of yet?I have the R6 Mark II and do not want to WASTE Money on another Speedlite, while Waiting for the E...
What's a Great External Microphone for the R6 Mark II?
Please Reccomend a Ultra Wide and Wide Angle Lens- R6 Mark II - 
- For R6 Mark II - The ST-E10 Speedlite Transmitter Controls the EL-5 Speedlite. Can the ST-E10 also Control Strobes, such as the Westcott FJ400?