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ink smears and splotches on prints.  paper abrasion is on and head height is heighest.  printing from manual feed.  printing on thick baryta photo paper.  tried nozzle cleaning, bottom plate cleaning and roller cleaning.
Could I get confirmation on which canon papers are acid-free? Is it safe to assume that only papers that clearly state "acid-free" are? Specifically, I'm mostly concerned with the Glossy II, the pro platinum, anad the pro premium matte.
I have an image prograf 1000 but I noticed this with my pixma pro 10 also. Tiny uniform pinprick-like dots running along the length of the prints in several rows.  They look like gears with teeth were used to feed the paper and left tiny marks. They ...
Bought my Pixma-Pro 10 in July 2020 In July 2021 (Just past warranty) during a print job of 250 prints, started making a squeaking / squealing noise while in operation.  It sounds like something needs lubrication. There is no decrease in the quality ...
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