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I've been printing from a long succession of black cartridges while my color cartridge is empty.(no problems) Now suddenly it won't print from black cartridge (I get popup saying color cartridge is empty). What can cause this ?
I'm trying to reinstall drivers. There are two choices. Should I install "TR4500 Full Driver & Software Package (Windows)" or "TR4500 Series MP Drivers Ver. 1.01 (Windows) " ?
After months of sucessful usage, printer will now not advance beyond the page that allows selection of printer to be used. I've not changed or added any programs. My browser is Chrome 91 and I 'm using Windows Version 1909
at random times, about once every other day. This happens even after midnight at times. I can't imagine what could cause this. Anyone have same problem ?
When i pull down the flap labeled Canon it does not swing down far enough. I need to turn the cartridge sideways and then straighten it back up after I get past the flap. When I view YouTube videos showing this procedure they all seem to show the fla...
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