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With all the talk of record limits due to overheating, not many people are talking about the fact that this camera still has the antiquated 29:59 EU record time limit.  I believe Canon needs to remove this.
On the R5 we can charge batteries in camera via the USB-C. Please give us the ability to use external usb-c battery packs to power the camera via USB-C not just charge batteries
Anyone have an idea why canon doesnt allow the R5 to record shooting direction from the GP-E2?  My 6D can and the R5 is a more advanced camera.
I received my EOS R5 today along with my GP-E2 GPS Receiver.  I connected the two and the R5 is receiveing GPS data.  However, when i try and set the clock using GPS it tells me it cant because it is not receiveing any GPS signal.  Any one else have ...
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