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Remote control for Canon Legria/Vixia HF G70

Because my Canon Legria/Vixia HF G10 camcorder had broken down, I recently purchased the Legria/Vixia HF G70 to my complete satisfaction. A great buy! Only, I really miss a remote control, which was included with the HF G10. It even included a wireless one. I also had a (Sony) tripod with a LANC remote control in the handle that could be connected to the HF G10 without any problems. I had thought that it could also be connected to the new HF G70, but that was not the case. I know that a separate remote control for the HF G70 can be bought (the RC-V100), but it costs between 2500 and 3000 euros! More than 2x the price of the camcorder itself. That is not an option for me. My question: "Is there no other (read cheaper) solution to control the camcorder remotely, or will a cheaper remote control for the HF G70 possibly be on the market soon and is it true that this camcorder does not support LANC?"

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi DickyL,

The only Canon remote that is compatible with the VIXIA HF G70 is the RC-V100 remote. That camera can use non-Canon remotes as well. Through Canon support we can only recommend Canon products, so there aren't any non-Canon remotes we could recommend.

If you want to reference the manual for information on using remotes with the camera it is on page 75. If you need a copy of the manual it is available HERE. Once you are on the web page scroll down to the Manuals section and the one to reference is named HF G70 Instruction Manual.


Thank you very much for the answer. I understand that you can only say something about Canon products, but can you say whether this camera supports LANC? Because the camera is still very young, it is not yet on the lists of remote control manufacturers. Can I assume that if the HF-G 50 and the HF-G 60 are supported, then the HF-G 70 will also be supported?

Thanks for the responses.
In the meantime I have bought a simple remote control for ..... less than 25 Euro. That is 100x cheaper than the original Canon. And he's doing great! Canon Netherlands told me that the HF-G70 does not support LANC. Well then!

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Per the manual, the Camera's remote port supports "LANC Like" functions. I say like because Canon identifies the connection as "Remote Port" (not LANC). According to the manual, Canon's RC-V100 will not support Cancel, ND filter, AGC, Auto Iris or Shutter Select, so you get limited functionality in comparison to the features the RC-V100 is capable of. This information is on page 75 of the manual. Page 77 of the G50's manual is identical.


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Hi Dicky, I've got the same problem. I need a remote control as I mounted the HF G70 in a teleprompter and don't want to buy the RC-V100 for the price of 2 legrias. Can you tell me what third party remote you are using? 

Hi Joerg_h,

There are several cheap similar remotes on the market, but I bought the JJC SR-VD1. Functions: Record start/stop, zoom Tele/Wide, on/off. The photo record button doesn't work with my Canon Legria HF G70, but I never use it anyway.

Hi Dicky, thank you for your fast answer! Especially the JJC SR-VD1 isn't available in Germany, do you have another recommendation? Thx and Greetings from Hamburg, Germany, Joerg

Hi Joerg_h,
If you type in "remote control for camcorders" on the website of Amazon (Germany), you will see a whole range of remote controls with LANC connection. I cannot say for sure whether these also work well, because I was only able to test the JJC SR-VD1. I also saw a number of JJC SR-VD1 remote controls on Ebay Germany, also new. Maybe that's another option.
Regards and success,

Ah, okay, I didn't check eBay. Thx for your answer! Best, Joerg

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