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Microphone problems


Hello community, I think I've been asking the same question the wrong way. I have a Vixia HF R800 camcorder. I want to use a hand held microphone to record my videos. I bought a Gemini UHF-01/02 wireless microphone to use on it. The receiver has a 1/4 unbalanced output on it and I attached a 1/4 TS to 1/8TRS cable to it and then plugged the TRS into my camcorder. I am only getting recorded sound on one channel (left side). What am I doing wrong and how can you help me to do it right. I do not want to use a lavalier clip on mic, I want to use a microphone that can sit on my desk for my videos. Thank you for your responses.



If you plug a TS into a TRS you are going to short at least one channel. I don't know how to fix it.

Hi kvbarkley, I gave some thought to what you said about shorting out. So I  gave a good study to my cables and adapter, etc. I thought I had bought a 1/4 female ts to 1/8 trs male, but what I actually bought was a 1/4 trs to 1/8 trs, so it would never have worked except for one channel. So now I ordered the correct cables, plus an xlr line out to 1/8 trs cable. I will post to let everyone know how it turned out. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.