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Resolved! 60D manual settings for studio flash units

Hi Forum - Anyone familiar with using a 60D with studio flash units - I am in manual mode shooting at F11 with a sync speed at 60 - using 2 studio flashes set at 1/4 - and getting very bright exposures  -  any internal settings I should be using for ...

Resolved! 580EX II on a 6D - issues with exposure

I have a new 6D, and I am trying to do some 'test' portraits with my 580EX II. I'm using ETTL mode; and aperture priority. I was able to adjust exposure compensation when using my previous camera (1D3) but I can;t seem to be able to soften the intens...

javapop by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Canon 600EX

Hello all. I wanted to know if there is a way to turn down the brightness of the flash. Say if I am in a dark setting and I just want a little bit of light to fill in the subject. Also what  does the setting that change the flashes 50mm to 100mm do? ...

Over exposure

  I wanted to photograph my new grandaughter. I  used a pocket wizard TT1 to fire  my 580EX II which was mounted on a Pocket wizard TT5.  Firing into an umbrela, the 580 speedlite was set to manual full power. I used a light  meter to measure the out...

Henik by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

group mode with 600 rt problem

Having trouble with the 600 rt in group mode. I have two 600 rt's and a 5d mk3....I have been trying to use these in group mode with limited success. I was trying to use the groups in ettl mode. My on camera flash is the master and the off camera is ...

Canon Speedlight 270 EX as a macro off camera flash?

Hi,I´m considering to buy tomorrow, a second hand unit for a nice price (+-50,00 USD) of the older Canon Speedlight 270 EX (not the version II) as a macro off camera flash?The bounce head feature seems a nice way to use for my macro subjects (for bou...

Cunha by Rising Star
  • 7 replies
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