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Fill Flash and Flash as main light

I just wanted to clear something up for myself. when I use the Flash Ettl in manual mode, it ask like the main liight  source right?  Only when you are in AV and Shutter does the flash act like fill flash? Now if that is true, would it make more sens...

600 EX-RT smells like burning when fires

One of my 600EX-RTs started to smell like burning rubber when firing! First, the recycle time increased, after which we switched batterries. That made no difference and after a couple more hard-to-get fires, it started to smell (just at the very top)...

Resolved! Shooting 430 EX II remotely with 6D

Okay, after searching around I know this question has been asked a lot. And I have gotten some very worthwhile information. However, I have not seen an answer to a simple question that still has me baffled. When shooting the 430 EX II remotely with a...

270ex II not connecting wirelessly to T6S

Hi everyone. I've been trying to connect the Speedlite 270EX II to my Rebel T6s but can't seem to get it to sync through wireless. I've tried every setting and channel but only works when mounted to the camera. I've dug around online but haven't seen...

Will Canon 600ex-rt work with Canon 1100D?

Hi,I recently bought cactus 60rf and apparently there is no af assist beam in it, which when i tried to take a picture in the dark it didn't automatically focus.So i will return this flash to the store and buy Canon 600ex-rt, and my question is, if t...

gsbuah by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Speedlite 589ex ii

With the 580 is it possible to set it to emit a low power pulse of light that will trigger another Speedlite but not light the subject itself? Thanks!!

Speedlight Ratio Question -

 From the 550EX users manual I understand how to adjust the ratio between slave speedlights with the master turned off, but how do you adjust the ratio between the master which is turned on and a slave?

HenryTS by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT Failed

I was at a wedding shoot last weekend and my (3) 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT worked great until I got into the reception hall/tent.  Could not get the flashes to fire via radio.  Had to resort to on camera flash for the entire reception.  The next day I tr...

I cannot get high speed sync to work

Hi all,  I have an EOS 6D and a Speedlite 580exii. For the life of my I cannot get the high speed sync to work. At anything past the shutter sync speed I get a black bar despite the fact I have enabled the high speed sync mode. I should also note I a...

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