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Does anybody use a 270 EX II ?


I do mostly outdoor photography but I am thinking about getting a 270 EX II speedlight. I just wanted something small and compact to throw in the bag in case I needed a little more flash than the pop-up offers. Does anybody have a 270 and what do they think about it.....Thanks !



I've used one, but found it not really powerful enough. The pop-up flash of many EOS cameras is around 11m (35ft) at ISO 100. This means a subject 5m (16ft) away is going to need an f/2.2 aperture at ISO 100. With the 270EX II having a guide number of 27m (88ft) at ISO 100 then f/5.6 is needed. To me it's simpler to push the ISO two stops more and use the built-in flash.


However if your camera's pop-up can be a speedlite master and you want to use the 270EX II off-camera then it's a different story. It makes sense. However if off-camera flash is your aim I think you'd be better going for the 320EX or 430EX II if off-camera flash is the aim. The last two also give you yet more power and the ability to orient the flash body towards the camera - so it can receive the pulsed light signal that controls it - and orient the head of the flash at the subject. You can twist the head on the 270EX II



EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author

Thank you for the great answer, Brian, very informative ! You are right, I am better off going for the 320 or the 430 speedlite, they are much more powerful and have more versatility than the 270.

As of now the 430EX II is only $5 more than the 320


Along with more power, the 430 has a real manual mode that will be beneficial for off camera work.

B & H has the 430 on sale......I'll look into that.....Thanks !


I have one I use on my EOS 5d and am very happy with the results.  It is a good choice for a small portable easy cary flash, takes great shots. Be aware of it's limitations, it not top of the line but it is a fine flash.


Gerald Milligan