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California Coast Images

Here are some of the notable shots from my photo weekend. I was disappointed with the butterfly shots, but the others came out OK       

IMG_7577.jpg IMG_7652.jpg IMG_7702.jpg IMG_7718.jpg

Season's Greetings

Being in NZ I will get to experience the events of the holiday season well before you folks in North America: be it Christmas morning, eating too much junk and having an extra helping at dinner time.  Then there will be the inevitable Boxing Day madn...


Almost great photo thread

How many times have we come so close to getting a great photo but just missed it???  I was taking a look at some stuff I shot last fall while archiving old photos and two jumped out from a high school playoff game last Fall.  Photo 1, I was out of po...

AQ9I3420.JPG B18T5962.JPG
wq9nsc by Authority
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Photo Challenge: What is Christmas like where you live?

The Canon Forum and staff members come from a diverse range of environments.  I thought it would be interesting if we could each offer one or more images showing what the Holiday Season is like and maybe offer some greetings to our fellow members.  S...

Happy Xmas 2019a.jpg

Stacking photos

I've been working on some close up shots that small apertures and tilt shift lenses still fall short for getting front to back focus. The attached image is 9 frames stacked and cooked with photoshop using stacked layers, auto-align and auto-blend. I'...

Rose 9 stack.jpg

Gannets - A Photo Essay

I am expanding on the image that I showed to explain more about the Gannet colony and the birds themselves. Gannets are among the largest sea birds on the planet. The biggest are obviously the Albatross, of which we have a colony in NZ, on a peninsul...

7D2_1882a-1.jpg 7D2_1926a-1.jpg NDF_0309a-1-2.jpg NDF_0238a-1-2.jpg

A nice agate pic I took last year: light and dark

 Top: Taken with Canon EOS 70D,  70-300mm lens, F stop 5.6,  Exp time 1/320, ISO 1000 bottom:  F 5.6, Exp 1/250,  ISO 250 These are photos where I was using natural lighting of direct sunlight in early spring coming in my living room window: the sun ...

IMG_0400.JPG IMG_0400.JPG