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Many a Good Tune Played on an Old Fiddle

For those who were interested in the 17-55 f2.8, this might be worth a look.These shots were taken on a venerable Canon EOS 60D, using the EF-S 17-55 f2.5, all shots available light, hand-held or pushed against a window. -----------------------------...

20190514015143House 007.jpg 20190514015027House 005.jpg 20190514014800House 003.jpg 20190514014733House 002.jpg

Circular Polariser Samples.

Hello Canonites! Polas came up recently so I wanted to show what I get. See the “flash” reflection of Sun on Background leaf:  Now with the Pola doing its stuff:   

E989B839-2183-4517-8810-0A10185EA8E8.jpeg 821DAE63-92FF-49C1-AB30-B97F4DABC304.jpeg
Grazie by Rising Star
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Midpoint of high school soccer season

This is of my freshman daughter from a recent varsity soccer match setting up a goal shot.  The light conditions were difficult for this late afternoon game with very bright low angle sunlight creating extreme light to shadow conditions.  It was capt...

wq9nsc by Authority
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It's Important to Take Care of Punctuation

Certainly according to one interpretation of this business sign. (Canon G5X 46mm (Equivalent) f-10 1/500sec ISO-800) I have always been a supporter of using correct grammar and punctuation, but I had never realized the health benefits of doing so!Cur...

IMG_0334 LR.jpg

T6S Goes to the Circus

I went to the Shriner's Circus here in Albuquerque this weekend, and took some photos with the T6S and my 70-300 USM. AF worked well for the stills, but it did not work well at all for video.     

IMG_5181.jpg IMG_5268.jpg IMG_5301.jpg IMG_5356.jpg

How is this mirror illusion done?

This is a famous pic and I have heard that the artist said that it wasn't photoshopped.I think the artist used the clone tool or something similar to get to the background on the mirror. 2 pictures, one with the artist and one without.Was this mirror...

ilzho by Rising Star
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Taking some backyard shots with my new EOS RP

I love this camera. The high ISO images are outstanding. I set teh camera to M, set the shutter and appature and let the ISO go auto and all the pics are clear, clean and sharp.  This bee pic is exported from RAW without any editing except cropping s...