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Predator and Pray

.I'm not really a great photographer so I won't mind some critiauing of these.  I caught movement out the back door.  I saw the hawk land, so I  grabbed my camera slid out the back door hoping to get all set up for a great picture before the hawk bol...

Predator and Pray Predator and Pray 04_19_2015 Hawk in Back Yard 5.JPG Predator and Pray
Mallard by Contributor
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Dogs Dock Diving

Hi!  This is my first post here.  My dog loves running down the dock and jumping into a huge pool of water, when I'm not competing with her, I enjoy trying to get photos of the other competitors and their dogs.  Here is one from a Splash Dogs event a...

SD 6-43c.jpg

how do i share my photoes?

i am an older person who is trying to find a place to share my photos and for the life of me I can`t find any way. Looks like this would be a great place to share but am going to need some direction. Hope you can help. Thanks

pictak by Apprentice
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wildlife photography!

Taken in Yap 2016. Cleaner shrimp coming in for a dirty job. Canon SL1, Tamron Sp AF 60mm F/2 macro, F-16, ISO 200, using Ikelite housing and strobes.