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Bella - Eagle Eye

This is Bella.  Bella was found grounded by some hikers near Haines, AK.  She had hit a power line and unfortunately her right wing had to be partially amputated.  She has been in the Raptor Sanctuary for about 2 years.  She cannot fly or provide for...

IMG_0855.JPG shadowsports_0-1692829397401.png

First Attempt at Photographing Fireworks

I had never shot fireworks before this year, my dog has always been very afraid of the sounds so I normally spend the night laying on the bed holding her when she shakes. She lost he hearing this year which of course is horrible but because of it I w...

Fierwork Lightroom resize 2.jpg _MG_0010.jpg _MG_9982.jpg _MG_9980.JPG

Trip To Trumansburgh.

Some pictures from a trip I took across the lake 2 weeks ago. I am sorry there are not more pictures, I have a hard time trying to figure the right size, had to edit one of the pictures below 6 or 7 times to get it to fit.Taughannock Falls, part of T...

Untitled-41.jpg Untitled-20LRRsized6.jpg 364052765_10223378778920164_4453093314379805035_n.jpg Untitled-42resized.jpg

Open Farm Day

A local Farm association had an "Open Farm Day" where member farms in town opened their barns and such to the public.  Had my 5D Mark IV with a EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM and my 90D EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM with me along with a EF100mm f/2.8L Macro ...

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Crop Dusting Helicopter

Done in Av mode with a 55-250mm IS STM lens at 100mm with Center-weighted average metering.I learned later that this little dusting event cost $24,000 at $400 per acre.Steve Thomas

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Thinking Small with a Big Lens:

Historically, I have preferred to photograph large mammals - like bears, moose, deer, antelope, wolves and big cats, but in NZ we have only one endemic mammal and that's a tiny bat! So, I have had to adapt and gone in the other direction! The Elegant...

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Food Photography with 50mm Tilt-Shift

Pie photographed with Canon 5D Mark IV 50mm TS-E at f/4 using a mixture of daylight and Profoto B1 flashes with light modifiers. Camera tethered to Macbook Pro 16 M1 running Capture One Pro. Gitzo Series 3 tripod with Arca-Swiss B1 ball head. Canon R...

08-08-2023 Blueberry Apple Pie Peach Bourbon Glaze1127Web2000Final.jpg
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