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Final save of the match

At the end of regular play, the soccer super sectional playoff score was tied 2-2 and continued as a tie through two overtime periods so it advanced to a penalty kick round with 5 strikers from each team taking penalty kicks.  This was the second sav...

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Wife's photos

She has taken over our old Canon SX530 HS. It only does jpg photos but she had taken some great photos around the house and through the kitchen window. Here are three. I did a bit of editing in Photos, BTW. 

IMG_8762 (2).JPG IMG_8774 (2).JPG IMG_8783 (2).JPG

aliens seek out jet

Aliens seek out fleeing jet!No, actually, I was just playing around with a circular polarizer. Steve Thomas


Winging It with My New R5

Down under in NZ we have been been hit by the Delta COVID variant, and the high transmissibility level has been exacerbated by complacency by a proportion of the population that, despite government pleas, did not follow preventative measures like wea...

R5010350 copy.jpg R5010350 C copy.jpg

R5 with RF and EF 100mm Macro - First Shots

I bought the RF 100mm L f/2.8 IS USM primarily for the IS combined with the IBIS in the R5 to help counteract my tremors. I have benign tremors, and at times, I shake pretty bad. Since I shoot most of my macro hand held, it's a struggle. Anyway, it's...

Black and Orange Mason Wasp SH-1a.jpg Black and Orange Mason Wasp SH-2a.jpg Spider Wasp SH-1a.jpg Spider Wasp SH-2a.jpg

Off field photos are sometimes the best

Friday night I shot a game that, to put it politely, didn't go well for the team I was photographing.  Other than a beautiful leaping one handed catch with the receiver coming towards me on the sideline, there weren't a lot of good plays on the field...

AQ9I7153.JPG AC4I6824.JPG AC4I6864.JPG AC4I6891.JPG
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Shot on goal

Part of a 9-0 match, all of the real action occurred in the first 30 minutes of the first half and then the winning team went into passing only, non-shooting mode. Shot with Canon 1DX III and EF-400 f2.8 @ 1/2500, f2.8, ISO 125 on a sunny chilly Fall...

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Sunset cloud

The wife and I were walking our puppies before bedtime. I looked up and saw this cloud formation and colors. Photo is unedited. Your critique is welcome. I was asked by an editor if I could take criticism. I told him I had been married 47 years.Setti...


Game winning reception

This play wasn't my favorite because it set up the go ahead score on the 3 yard line for the opposing team as time was running out but it was a nice catch by the purple team (simultaneous catch goes to the offensive player).  Field lighting was the w...

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