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Share your wildlife photography!


Have you snapped an incredible photo of wildlife? Post a favorite photo you've taken and share the story behind the image. Be sure to include the Canon gear you used!


About this photo: 

Camera: Canon PowerShot G3 X

Exposure Time: 1/125

ISO: 400

F-stop: 6.3                          



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I didn't mean anything offensive. I was just asking a question because to me the photo looks "fixed"


I've never seen a picture taken from a camera and posted that had the outcome of said picture. 

Again no disrespect intended, I'm in it to learn it.


Oh no,

No offense taken at all.  I was just a little stumped at first, then I saw what you meant too. I was so captured by the magnificent capture, I wasnt looking at that.   Im also in it to learn, and love when someone sees something, points it out, explains why, and it was a teaching moment on your end, learning moment for my end.


.  Editing right away is a good habit to get into, but guess I dont feel I know enough and would prob mess it up.  That should be my next deep dive, so it was a good thing you pointed it out.  Im glad to have the opportunity.


Every day I go out with camera in hand because you never know what you're going to see. Well about a week ago my Chiweenie dog found this laying on the ground.




She is doing very well so far.


If anybody's interested I will get some pictures of her now.

  They are so helpless for a while in hte beginning.  Im so glad your pup found this early enough to save it and you are caring for it.  My guess is you have a resident BlueJay that pushed it out of the nest.  We've found eggs on the ground, but None  were viable after falling so far to the ground.  Good on you!  YES PLEASE keep us updated.  It will be our peer into human interaction doing a good thing.  Hopefully it learns by instinct how to forage for food when you release it.  Doggie gets a special treat.

"My guess is you have a resident BlueJay that pushed it out of the nest."


That's quite interesting, I never knew they would do that. I've heard some kind a cowbird not sure but they will lay eggs in another nest and that mother would care for it.

Oh well this is her on her 12th day yesterday.


I was also thinking should I just let her go and will she be all right or will she want to hang around??


I have never raised a bird from that size before.


IMG_7408 copy.JPG

from my brief experience watching someone raise an eagle chick, they will start "wingersizes" first.  Then they move to the edge of the nest and flap, or hop to close branches.  I think if you place the nest you made near a window that can open, they will try on their own when they are ready and able to fly.  Pushing her out too soon could be disastorus if shes not ready.

12 days isnt very long, but that doesnt even look like the same bird.  Its so cute.

they grow fast.


I found this, and hope it helps you in the right direction


and an article with forum


the bird may have imprinted on you by now.  But she looks healthy.  You;ve done a good job so far.  How exciting.  Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you for your discussion, yes I think she is imprinted which is something I wanted to avoid but it's very difficult with a single bird.

Thank you for sharing, its so endearing. Its ok, she will learn.

If you allow a window open during daytime, or move her nest nearby where she can observe you still, her instincts should take over and she will fledge eventually when she figures it out.   Keep nest and allow access for her to return to visit once she does.  I heard birds do that sometimes up to couple yrs..  Eventually, even eagles will find their own territory, until they do, they continue to return for visits..  Not something mom and dad can teach (or you), they just have to figure it out on their own.  Most do, and since you are a patient person, she will surely give you confidence when shes ready.  You are a very special person, thanks again for doing that and sharing it on here.  🙂

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Rising Star

Canon eos M50 Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens While out during turkey season this stud of a turkey came out in front of me and I was able to snap some pictures of him. My only wish is that he would have fanned out showing his tail feathers. The last picture is of a adolescent male turkey that was on the same property and could very well be his offspring. Though I am a turkey hunter the last 2 years I have decided to not bother picking up the gun and have left it next to me and shot the turkey with a camera instead. The first is a trophy any hunter would love to have as to have a beard that thick and long and spurs that long he is at least a 3 year old bird and more than likely a 4 year old bird, the kind of old wise bird we all want to get but I have found I enjoy getting them with a camera as much as with a gun. The last picture is of a Canada Goose and it's Gosling at Indian Pines Park in Penn Yan, NY on Keuka Lake.

Resize 4.jpg




IMG_9868Resized (2).jpg







Looking back at her while she was looking back at me - Deer at Seven Islands State Birding Park in TN. Taken with R5 and Rf 100-500