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Great Blue Heron

Rising Star

Here are some I just took this morning at a lake here in Dallas, TX.









thanks for those tips.  We have a resident in a nearby lake, but with all the recreational traffic he's become pretty shy.  ITs better early spring, and its hot here now too.  The recent fires are not helping.  Those shots you got are just so beautiful.  I wil heed your advice for future birding that great blue heron, they are such magnificent birds.  I did get one with an egret, but so far away not worth sharing.  And this isnt the egret site.  lol.  I really do appreciate your advice as Im learning so much.  You shots are so tack sharp I noticed that spot on all of their wings, no injury after all. (whew) 


Are you using BBF?

Thanx for the kind words.

Most of the time I use AI-Servo with the 9 center points active.  I use my 1DX with a Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Lens and/or Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports Lens.  Almost always use Av and ISO 800 or 1600.  Both of these lenses are very heavy and a lot of people say you can't hand hold them but I do.  I shoot Raw 99.5% of the time.  Post process in LR and/or PS.


The choice of these two lenses is because Canon does not see the need to make one.  I think they are wrong and have missed the boat  but they don't listen to me.  Both are extremely high quality lenses and have great IQ.


The 1DX camera is nothing short of fantastic.  I thought I was too old to be buying any new gear or cameras.  But, I am so glad I did drop the dime on the 1DX.  It was a good decision.    Hmmm, that 1DX Mk II........?????

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

That is excitingabout the sigma lens.  I think even a 400mm lens would work for birds, but 600 is even better.  I've heard Sigma lenses are great quality, its good to hear that from you too.


I will be needing a longer lens with my new (old ) camera from my friend.  Im excited to have a 'grown up" version camera.  Hope I learn it well.  Looking fwd to 7 fps and more focal points to activate.


I also like to shoot in AV, but find BBF very helpful than in the shutter button.  I wonder how I got anything in focus before I learned about it.  I think  Im going to have to go back to find that blue heron when I get it in hand.  I couldnt seem to catch their movement in any iso under 800, but found 1600 to be a little sharper (faster shutter speed)


I appreciate all your advice.  I will prob be back to ask more questons when the new camera gets here......I can hardly think about anything else.   


I have heard that a monopod can help w/ the wirght of your big lens.  (but what a pain)  hats off to shoot handheld.  Tom Mangelson (Nat Geo, 60 mins et al) hand holds his camera when shooting his wonderful photos.  I leave the shutter on burst and worry about it later in post.  Now have to learn PS/LR!  (one thingat a time)

What camera ae you getting?  Maybe you said already but I don't remember.

The nice thing about a zoom like the 150-600mm is you have 400mm if you want it but you have 600mm or 200mm.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Sorry Mods...This conversation is in Blue heron section, this is just for example of my 300mm reach...._MG_5419 (2).JPG_MG_5480 (2).JPGHI Biggs,

Its the Canon 7D. (or 70 D I cant remember)  either way its more than what I have with the SL1.   Hes throwing in a sigma lens 100-300  but needs some work, stuck on AF.  I would be interested in that lens you mentioned.  With wildlife esp when sometimes need that extra reach esp  w. skiddish animals.  I would LOVE to have that 600mm availalbe with eagles and osprey.  We are restricted by 100 yds minimal distance as to not interrupt their feeding and hunting habits. (bald eagles)


All my shots of them so far are too far away with the current 300mm lens..  They are protected in every state, and a HEFTY fine if you get caught too close.  It may interrupt their hunting pattern and we also are not allowed to collect feathers from them (or anything for that matter)  Having that additional 300mm reach would be a dream.  

Question?  How do you know what the focal distance is after you shoot?  is that recorded in the info somewhere?


Im trying to distract from my excitement about getting a "real" grown up camera!  I would LOVE to get that lens you have.  Any interest in selling it?  (dream on right?)  


This is the closest I could get to an eagle. or Osprey.  Really wishing for more reach on these..._MG_5491 (3).JPG

OK, great, I had a 7D for several years.  It will do the trick.  Now you really need to get serious on upgrading the lens.  A 7D is worthy of a much better lens to get all it can deliver.  Don't mean to run down your gear but your lens will let it down.

Use it until money is more easy.  It is always best to use and make the most of what you have.  Not very many of us started on top!

We have a few eagles around here.  Very few. I looked for some of my shots but could not find them.  However, here is a couple blue herons I run across for you.





As for my lens you might want to check out the C version and the Tamron G2.  Not many folks want gear that is as heavy as what I use.  Also, check the used market. Lots of gear out there as some get tired of it when they find out its not that easy to do.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


I am serious about getting a longer lens for the camera.  I just checked, it will be here on Tues.  Cant wait to see what else he threw in with it.

I will definitely check out the C version and the g2/ Tamron lenses.  


I appreciate your expert advice.  You have taught me allot.


Not sure you got my question, or what happened to it.  

How do you know what the focal lenght is once you've taken the shot?  Where is it stored in the photo? (and all the  other info) How do I find that?

Thanks in advance. 


Those photos of the heron are tack sharp.  I didnt take your comment as a run down on my gear at all.  I know kit lenses arent the best quality.  Pretty excited to move up.  Not so happy about needing a longer lens, but that goes with the territory!  lol

"How do you know what the focal lenght is once you've taken the shot?'


Yeah I did see your question just my feeble brain forgot.  More and more common these days! 

OK, it is stored in the "exif" data.  What post editor do you have?  It will probably read it for you.  If you don't have an editor yet, you need one, but there are many free readers you can d/l.

If you use Windows the photo viewer will read it.  The shot below..........




... shows a 19mm focal length in Windows Photo Viewer.




Right click on Properties.  I am sure Mac's have something similar but I don't know what it is called.




EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

I use the program in windows 10 but it doesnt look like that at all.  There is no menu like the one you clipped.for properties.

  I looked everywhere.  However I noticed other ppl are having issues with this same program, it crashed when cropping.


thanks for the details.  I'll keep poking around.  I did DL, it seems kinda complicated like PS.  Since there is more education out there on PS, it seems like the natural way to go for now.  Unless you have other suggestions.  TO compost (down the road) Im going to need it anyway, even tho I understand ON1 offeres many of the same features, and recently added a library.  This part of the process is a hurdle I need to cross SOON.  Cant put it off anymore.  I try to get the shot I want in camera, but as you know, that doesnt always work out.  ESP with birds or wildlife.


Since you have owned the same camera, I may need to ask some questions as they come up.  I really appreciate all your knowledge and experience and your willingness to offer help and suggestions.   

That is Windows Photo Viewer.  You need to associate it to your photos.

Right now PS/LR is subscription only.  It is $9.99 per month paid by the year.  The thing is, there is Photoshop and there is all the rest.  Nothing is as good as PS.  That is why you will here folks say, "its just as god as PS."  In truth it is not as there is only one PS and it has become the standard of the industry.  Like ir or not that is the fact.


You would have to clean the cob webs of what is left of my brain to get to the 7D section.  When I was full time, I had two of them.  Also, had all the 5D series which are just FF versions of the 7D.  Most of the time they were used by my second shooters.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!
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