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CanoScan LiDE 70 Scanner software for Mac Catalina


I have an old Canon scanner: Canoscan LiDE 70. Works great, except I just discovered that there is no compatible software for Catalina! Really need to scan some documents. Is there some generic scanning software that will control this scanner?

Any advice that doesn't involve buying a new scanner or reverting to the previous OS is appreciated.



Thanks. I did try Vuescan and it doesn't seem to recognize my scanner. 


This is what I got from the vuescan folks:

"VueScan works with a number of Canon scanners using the plugin library that gets installed.  The LiDE 70 is one of these scanners.


Generally, if the scanner has a driver for Mac OS X 10.7 or later on, it has a dual 32-bit and 64-bit driver and VueScan will work with it on Catalina."


So try to install a pre-catalina driver and then try vuescan again.

Thank you for pursuing this. I looked for a driver on Canon site, and had to go all the way back to the Lion OS to find one. This driver would not install on Catalina. I also tried various earlier versions of Vuescan just in case, and, like the current version, none of them recognize my scanner. 


Maybe the scanner really has died. Maybe I should plug it into other computers and try it. 


I have a CanoScan LIDE 90 that does not work with my Mac Air using Catalina OS. Are there any options for this situation?

Hi wilmpaul,


The CanoScan LiDE 90 is not supported with macOS v10.15 Catalina.  You are eligible for Canon's Upgrade Program.  This is for out of warranty units which have been diagnosed to require service, or for some reason are incompatible with a new or upgraded system.  This option allows you a one-time opportunity to purchase a replacement product, discounted from the list price.


To help you get up and running quickly, we also offer free standard shipping (if the order is completed by 12:30PM ET).  If you would like to take part in this option, please call our Sales Department at (866) 443-8002 seven days a week, 8am to Midnight.  Let them know you have been working with technical support and the Canon Upgrade Program was offered.




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After much travail my scanner (Cano Lide 400 - $89) works with Catalina.  The agent checked my mac, tweaked a few things and said to erase anything relating to Canon, clear the Trash and restart.  I then downloaded the software but again nothing. He said change ports and it worked!  He was quite knowledgable and siad there were no "fixes" for older models.  I gave my perfectly fine Brother Scanner to my youngest son and bought a cheap one that is easy and reliable. Good Luck


I have your same problem.


I have a macbook pro mid 2014 with catalina and my scanner Canon Lide 70 not function.


Do you find a solution?

I never found a solution.