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CanoScan LiDE 400 compatibility with ScanGear on Mac


Pre-Purchase question:

1)  Will the ScanGear software work with the LiDE 400 on the Mac.  Mac OS 12.7.4 or higher.

2)  If so, will it allow me to access the advanced features tab to access Dust/Scratch Removal and other advanced features (as it does on Windows)?

Thanks for any help.




I am not sure the original ScanGear is available for MAC.  It is for Windows and Linux.  I think MAC uses the IJ Scan Utility Lite.

Canon Hong Kong has ScanGear Starter EX which supports MAC OS 11~14, but I don't know if the LiDe 400 is supported.  I have not done any testing with Rosetta2.

ScanGear Starter EX Ver.1.2.0 (Mac) (

I would contact sales to confirm.  😃

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Hi!  Thanks for the link and phone numbers.  That ScanGear works with my LiDE 220.  I wonder if the LiDE 400 would be recognized by the software as well.  (I don't have an LiDE 400 to test, and "officially" it's not supported..but may still work).  The reason I need to use that instead of the Apple software is that the Apple software won't recognize the advanced features (like dust/scratch removal), but the ScanGear probably would, even if not officially supported.  The IJScan Utility links only to the Apple software, which is useless.  Hoping to know BEFORE I buy.  🙂  Unfortunately, I've found that tech support at Canon sometimes doesn't know.  I've gotten various conflicting responses from different agents there.  So, I'm hoping a forum member may have actually tried it on the Mac  🙂


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