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CanoScan LiDE 220 scan missing vertical column of pixels in saved file


Using a CanoScan LiDE 220 with both the Canon IJ Scan Utlity 2 and the latest version of Vuescan software (9.7.31 at the time of this post).


Scanning an image results in a column of misisng pixels around the 11,000 pixel mark along the x-axis when scanning at 4800dpi, with zero marked as the left side of the document, which is around the inch and a quarter mark. I've tried it at 600 dpi in the IJ Scan Utility, and the same thing happens at the same point in the scan.


See attached image. You can clearly see that there are lines with disconnected pixels in the highlighted area. It appears that a column or columns of pixels has/have been omitted.


Has anyone experience this issue? Having used two different pieces of software, it's either the driver - I'm on OS X Catalina - or the scanner itself, though not sure if it's hardware or firmware.


Any help is appreciated.