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Resolved! CR-N500 - Settings change after reboot

On CR-N500 PTZ cameras with firmware 1.3, why do some settings change after a reboot? For example, white balance defaults to AWB and shooting mode defaults to F.Auto. I usually put the cameras in a stand by mode (which saves these settings) but occas...

Saving Presets with RC-IP100

Working with CR-N500 cameras controlled by a RC-IP100 controller (both on firmware v1.3) web interface and Canon's remote controller app. Trying to get the presets to save correctly via the RC-IP100. My desire is when a preset is saved it doesn't inc...

R5C Product Feedback/Feature Requests?

What is the best way to request features or changes to products?  I can't find a link to product support although I think there is one somewhere.  Any idea if the product people actually read requests or does Canon not take feedback well? 

Wojdarm by Contributor
  • 9 replies

Canon R5C AF Tracking Issue in High-Speed Photo Mode

Hello everyone,I hope this message finds you well. I'm reaching out to share a concern I've been experiencing with my Canon R5C, specifically related to autofocus tracking in high-speed photo mode.When shooting in H+ speed mode with AFC enabled, my C...

Finch by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Canon R5c best Picutre Profile without editing

Hello friends Most of the time I record my video in Clog3 or Raw. Sometimes I would like to record videos and use it without editing in post. What do you mean? Wich is the best Picture Profile for you? Wich one would you choose?BT.709 Wide DR, BT.709...

Eos R5c 8k Files not visible in window explorer

I have purchased a Canon R5c and shot a video in 8k Raw Light at 60fps. when connecting to my windows 11 computer, in explorer there is no video while it is visible in the camera. The files does not show. Any thoughts. Since I cannot see the file, i ...

R5-C MAJOR tech support fail

Looking for some guidance on a major issue with my R5-C.  I’ll keep the back story as brief as possible.  I got my R5-C last October and it became my main gimbal camera for weddings and concerts.  My other 2 cameras are C70 and 5DIV so I am heavily i...


Removing lens from my XF405

I need to clean the lens and sensor on my XF405. How do I remove the lens?  I've searched the internet with no luck. Thank you in advance!

Ech2 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Official EOS Standard LUT?

I wanted to see if there was any way in post to take either CLOG-2 or WideDR footage and transform to EOS Standard, and if there's an official EOS Standard LUT anywhere.  I tried creating custom LUTs using LUTCalc, but they all seemed to be way, way ...

NickL by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

C100 Mark ii HDMI output only 480 - can't get 1080

I am trying to connect a Elvid FieldVision 10.1" monitor via HDMI for a small director's monitor and no matter what I do, I am only able to get a 480 signal from the HDMI output.  I can get 1080 when the monitor is hooked up to my 5D mark iv and I ha...

MV0925 by Apprentice
  • 10 replies
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