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Display screen

Is there any way to see what the aperature and shutter speed is when shooting videos.  I hate shooting in the dark, and would like to see these settings on the screen in real time.

Zombie Short Film Shot on Eos Rebel T2i

Hello everyone. We have decided to shoot a pre-trailer to a zombie short film we are in production for. This was shot on the Eos Rebel T2i with its standard lens, and a 50mm lens. I am proud to say I own one of these amazing cameras. We were inspired...

Canon C300 ISO concept

Hi, guys! I am seeking for advice on iso. What is the difference between iso 320 with no nds and iso 850 with nds? Is iso a metadata setting? Do i win anything when using lowest iso setting possible? Should i stick to the native iso 850? Thanks from ...

anzer by Apprentice
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Canon XF Plugin for Avid

The Canon C300 has the option to record 24.00 fps. To my knowledge, this frame rate is not currently supported by the Canon XF Plugin for Avid Media Composer AMA linking. What is Canon's recommended workflow for Avid editors? 


Hi there. I am a teacher and practitioner within the film-industry.I recently did the sound on a production filmed with the C500, and was shocked to conclude that the camera was unable to film sound & picture in sync...Fairly expensive camera as well...

Aperture problem on 60d

Very new to DSLR cameras, experienced at HD cams, DV and even film. Having a problem figuring out the manual settings. I can't seem to get that bar with sliding incraments, all I can change is ISO and aperture (as in 3.5 etc).I can't use the sliding ...

jaymack by Enthusiast
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C300 Log and XF Utility

I posted this message over at Adobe after talking with someone from Canon through email. You'll see in my message I loaded the footage into Premiere Pro CC, Speedgrade CC and on an Avid. It looks like an auto-LUT is being applied on the export of the...

XF Utility drops frames in playback on my Mac Book Air

Hello, I recently purchased a C300 and I am using a 2013 Mac Book Air to transfer media from the camera to external hard drives.All works well except XF Utility drops frames when playing back footage from media that has been transferred to the laptop...

jdbrunet by Apprentice
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Problem to identify Canon PsF correctly....

I'm a EOS C100 User. Normally I shoot in 25f-Mode, but sometimes - due to lack of 50p... - I shoot two or more scenes in 50i-Mode. Now, once the files are on my Windows7 Computer, there seems to be no way to find out which files are "fake" 25f interl...

Problem in export with Canon RAW Development

Hi guys,i'm a new user.. nice to be here. I've worked with Canon EOS C500 and Codex for my last job, i shooted in Canon RAW 4K.Now in Canon RAW Development, i have some problem with export files. Both solution, export in ProRes or in DPX software run...

Broken Shadow , filmed with Canon C100

Broken Shadow Used Equipment:Canon C100Zeiss CP2 18mm/35mm/85mm“A human being is only breath and shadow.” – SophoclesThis quote from Sophocles inspired me to shoot this short film.It was a really nice experience to work with Canon C100. I pushed the ...

mindcut by Contributor
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Remote video recording start/stop for 1DC

Can the 3 standard remote( 2 wired, 1 wireless) from Canon start/video and activate the AF-on button of a 1DC? Description on the web mentioned photo shooting, and I cannot find their manual to download for a quick look. Thanks   

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