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New to C100 and having problems with import of CP from SD card


Hi to you all,


I'm new to the C100 and have been having difficulties with copying some .cube files to use in CP.


I'm using a C100 MKII, and have had no problems getting the CP/LUTS to appear in our Atomos Ninja Flame.


However, I've reformatted the SD card in the camera, and tried copying the same files on to the card. I load up the SD card in bay 1 and follow the instructions to access the files on the SD card. I am trying to copy to CP slot 1, but the SD card option is greyed out.


2nd Question:

I've been asked to preload some of the more popular free LUTS/CP's on to the C100 and the Atomos. I've hunted for free LUTS and searched for ARRI and RED camera LUTS, but can't find any.


Can anyone point me in the right direction here?


All help appeciated, people : )