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I know this is the “cinema” section, But I am currently using my DSLR for filming. I shoot with the T5, and I won’t be joining the cool kid’s table until I max this thing out and get all the use I can out of it.

Anyway, could I get suggestions for building a rig for this thing? I don’t want to get too carried away with it or anything… Matte boxes and all that crap. Right now I would pretty much just like to get a nice cage, rails for follow focus and possibly a shoulder deal. Something that I could throw onto a tripod and remove quickly if I need to get up and move around.

I’ve looked at some decent cages (nothing too cheap, but not outrageous) that are pretty much universal for when I eventually upgrade.

the Varavon Uni cage is nice, but the rail bridge that I found from them says it’s designed for Sony I think...A7...something or other. Does it matter if I’m attaching it to a cage?

Never built a rig before and the only resources I have our online, so I can’t physically touch one or see how it would work with my DSLR.

I’m just hung up on how to attach a real system to the cages I am looking at.

Any experience here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.