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XA25 and using an external recorder-Atomos Ninja Stars


Good day, all.


I've been using the XA-25 for about a year.  I film in studio doing product demos to post online for our company.  For optimum image quality, I've been attaching a Ninja Star 2 to the camera via the hdmi port on the camera so that I can record in uncompressed codec ProRes 4.2.2. I film at 23.97 fps, 24 pcm for sound, Cinema or Manual mode, and the camera is set to trigger the Ninja to record when I start the camera. The Ninja does record.  I set it for ProRes 4.2.2, and set the frame rate at 23.97.  


But, I've found that the footage from the Ninja is very interlaced, and the quality is worse than the AVCHD files on the SD Cards.  


I know there must me a setting I'm missing or haven't adjusted correctly.  I've poured through the manual.  What am I missing?    Should I be recording at 59.94P?  Isnt' that regarded as 60 fps?  If so, why is there a separate funtion on the camera for fast/slow recording? 


I edit in Premiere CC2014, btw.  


Thank you all for the help!