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R5C Relay Recording -- audio glitch when I stitch clips


I'm trying relay recording on the R5C.  I pre-formatted 2 SD cards and 2 CFe cards, and then ran a recording session where I started on SD, relayed to CFExpress, swapped out the SD while recording, relayed over to that, then swapped out the CFe, and relayed over to that.

All went well, and when I dropped the 4 clips on to a timeline they look seamless, as far as the video is concerned.  However, the audio has a glitch at each stitch point -- it looks like the last frame of audio is blank on each clip.

Is there way to avoid this?  I've tried loading the clips into XF Utility, but it won't even recognise them -- it just shows the folder as empty.

The recording mode was MP4 DCI 8K, in H.265 long GOP, at 540 Mb/s.

Edit: should have mentioned that I was recording audio in Linear PCM.


Product Expert
Product Expert

It might help if you try doing a test with different frame rates. You could also try switching from drop frame to non drop frame for the time code. This can be adjusted by going to Menu - System Setup - Time Code DF/NDF.

Lastly you could try doing tests with different microphones to see if the issue is microphone specific.

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