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R5 C audio best practices / settings


FriYay all!

After a recent shoot where I experienced some audio clipping, I needed to revisit my practices. Coming from the 5D series, I was always used to setting the input levels on the camera low - below 5 on the scale to avoid the poor signal to noise ratio of that series of camera. It was the accepted practice.

With the R5 C it appears to be different. Using that practice, and feeding a “hot” mic level off of the MixPre mixer, with dialog levels bouncing between -20, and -10 db I noticed that I was getting clipping in the loud voice transients @ -10 levels.

The recording on MixPre was not clipped. So it was coming out of the mixer fine. And the camera recording was set properly to -20 tone out of the mixer. Camera levels are set to manual, no attenuation pad, or low cut. 

There is something odd going on here. Seems there is possibly some sort of auto leveling going on in the background in dialog recording. If I feed tone into the camera and up the level of continuous tone at the mixer, I can run it all the way up to 0 db. If I try the same level up with dialog, I get clipping starting around -10 db. Hmmm… not what I expected.

Before I get my real sound guy involved, anyone explored the audio section of the camera and can share what they’ve learned?

As for my shoot oops - all good. The double system recording saved my bacon. But in this case I was planning on editing with the camera recorded audio. But the fix just added a step to post.

Gear used during the issue - Sound Devices MixPre mixer, Lectrosonics wireless.

If anyone is interested, I’m happy to share more details on my audio setup.