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EOS C300 Mark III - Best Practices for Exposing C-LOG2 While Shooting Run and Gun Documentary



I'm shooting a documentary in April on the EOS C300 Mark IIIand would like to develop an effective practice for exposing/white balancing C-LOG2 on the fly

Right now it seems like it will be difficult to nail the exposure/white balance in a fast changing environment.

I'll be shooting RAW / 24P in C-LOG2.

Any tips/advice would be much appreciated.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings rightnow,

Using the Auto White Balance (AWB) would be the quickest way to adjust the white balance if the light source changes. There is a button on the side of the camera labeled "10" which is for the white balance. You may find more information about this function on page 80 of the user guide for the EOS C300 Mark III camera.

For exposure, there is a function that is available on the camera that allows for the camera to set the exposure automatically if the lighting conditions change. The Automatic Aperture function which will adjust the aperture on the lens automatically. Please refer to page 76 of the user guide for more information.