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Canon EOS R5C Feature Suggestions


Hello, here I just wanted to share my thoughts about things that can actually make R5C owners happier and also unlock full capabilities of this already feature packed camera. Canon USA Support isn't available for me, so I decided to post it here. 

1) Breathing compensation. I think R5C is a cine camera that is most frequently used with modern full frame RF glass. Since it's older brothers tends toward manual cine lenses and C70 has a crop sensor so it more used with focal reducers and old EF versions of lenses which are kinda on the end of a life span. In other words R5C is the one that will have most benefits from implementation of breathing compensation. 

2) Digital parfocal compensation. Since RF 24-105 fits perfectly when it comes to documentary style of shooting, I think it would be nice to make some kind of a compensation profile so camera would not need to refocus during stylistic zoom-in/out effect during take, it will let us filmmakers achieve shots that was previously available only with high end cine zooms. I do not think that it'll cannibalise sales of canon cine zooms because their price just out of R5C customers reach anyway. But it'll be nice feature no other have.

3) Open gate 4:3 with FULL sensor vertical readout. I think if this camera has an anamorphic desquize it should be done right. When using anamorphic we do not need all 8k of horizontal pixels at all, because 34/9 isn't most used aspect ratio) Please let us use extra vertical pixels of 3:2 sensor. We know that You have it) it could be even 5464 by 5464 square if more horizontal pixels is too taxing for CPU, because then we'll have nice 2:1 anamorphic final image.

4) Improved AF in SnQ mode. Since You made it for C70 owners, we humbly ask you to add the same features to R5C) For now autofocus in 120fps is pretty much useless. 

5) Clog2. I know that is something behind this decision, and that 'something' probably came from sales and marketing department. Don't tell me that R5C sensor does not have enough DR for Clog2. I use it In Resolve in camera raw settings, with slight touch of denoise Clog2 is TOTALLY USEABLE. But one thing is to denoise 4k XFAVC and other is 8K RAW. Be kind to my tiny MacBook. Please add Clog2 to xfavc format. 

6) Wi-fi remote control via Browser Remote. We don't need playback or image transfer. Please just add some basic functions like start/stop and exposure settings. Nobody buys your handgrip adapter anyway) because it ruins all advantages of R5C body being so compact and easy grippable in tight spaces like cars interiors etc. 

 I think this features will not affects sales of any other Canon Cine bodies, because very few people can handle micro hdmi anyway) so this software add-ons will just make your loyal R5C customers much happier. 




Great recommendations, please get them to the development team.

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